Clear Quartz Crystal Elixir Bottle

Choose LAAVA® Crystal Bottles with real minerals and brighten up your day!

Choose the right mineral for your purpose and enjoy its beneficial effects, not to mention its beautiful appearance – guaranteed to attract the attention.

The bottle comes in a premium quality, custom-designed gift box with a neoprene protector.

Our other interchangeable minerals can be freely screwed into any of our bottles. It can also make an excellent gift for the chosen one.

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  • Ingyenes házhozszállítás már 25.000 Ft-tól!
  • 100% elégedettség és méret garancia

Várható szállítás: 1-3 munkanapon belül!

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Purity and healing


  • You’ll find a natural Clear Quartz crystal encased in a chemical-free tempered glass
  • Comes with a premium quality, custom-made cylinder gift box with “moon phase function”
  • Stainless steel frame, removable at both ends, so the glass is easy to clean and the crystal is replaceable
  • Comes with a soft neoprene glass protector with extra hook for safe and comfortable use
  • The bottle is 0.5 litres, refill it at least 4 times for the recommended daily fluid intake!

About Clear Quartz

Rock crystal is one of the most powerful minerals with healing properties, which also amplifies the positive energies of other stones. It is beneficial for any area of the body, for any problem, and is particularly effective for detoxification, metabolic balancing or as a pain reliever. It cleanses all energy, helps spiritual development and brings attentiveness and sensitivity and care to our relationships.

Effects on the soul

  • Enhances mental performance, stimulates you at work
  • To ward off bad dreams, wear your rock crystal bracelet at night and keep your glass close to you
  • Promotes peace and harmony
  • Helps to release mental blocks, free you from confusion and negative forces
  • It brings clarity of vision, clarity of intellect and senses, so it is also good for our relationships
  • Helps personality development
  • Signs of the zodiac: all signs

LAAVA Minerals Lexicon

Keep in mind that this alternative medicine is by no means a substitute for traditional medicine and treatments. Our minerals will be a daily aid, but not a substitute for medical treatment!

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