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Crystal glass with amethyst shovel

Choose LAAVA® Crystal Bottles with real minerals and brighten up your day!

Choose the right mineral for your purpose and enjoy its beneficial effects, not to mention its beautiful appearance – guaranteed to attract attention.

The bottle comes in a premium quality, custom-designed gift box with a neoprene protector.

Our other interchangeable minerals can be freely screwed into any of our bottles. It can also make an excellent gift for the chosen one.


  • Ingyenes házhozszállítás már 25.000 Ft-tól!
  • 100% elégedettség és méret garancia

Várható szállítás: 1-3 munkanapon belül!

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Peace and tranquillity


  • You’ll find natural Amethyst crystal encased in a chemical-free tempered glass
  • Comes with a premium quality, custom-made cylinder gift box with “moon phase function”
  • Stainless steel frame, removable at both ends, so the glass is easy to clean and the crystal is replaceable
  • Comes with a soft neoprene glass protector with extra hook for safe and comfortable use
  • The bottle is 0.5 litres, refill it at least 4 times for the recommended daily fluid intake!
  • Amethyst mineral inserts come from Brazil!

About Amethyst

Amethyst is a highly revered stone, which our ancestors believed to have protective and healing powers. It is a crystal of purity that can be used to facilitate the abandonment of bad habits, to alleviate addictions. It has a calming effect, relieves emotional exhaustion, stress and focuses the mind.

Effects on the soul

  • Amethyst promotes balance and stability in relationships, harmonises love life
  • Helps to understand dreams and visions
  • It helps us to see clearly, to recognise our true purpose in life and to act in accordance with our being.
  • Helps meditation, deepens spiritual experience
  • It has a beneficial effect on concentration and focus.
  • Its gentle vibrations dissolve fears, worries and anger, teaching devotion and trust.
  • Zodiac signs: Aries, Virgo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Pisces

LAAVA Minerals Lexicon

Keep in mind that this alternative medicine is by no means a substitute for traditional medicine and treatments. Our minerals will be a daily aid, but not a substitute for medical treatment!

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