Sunstone Palm Stone

Top quality orange Sunstone palm stones, the finest possible from this mineral 🤩 Two types of glow can be observed on most pieces: a silkier, slightly silvery glow and a very intense glittering effect, with the mica shining in orange-violet highlights (this fiery orange quality is very rare)

9,90  12,90  Gross price (net 7,80 )

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  • Ingyenes házhozszállítás már 25.000 Ft-tól!
  • 100% elégedettség és méret garancia

Várható szállítás: 1-3 munkanapon belül!

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The crystal is delivered safely with a protective insert!

Please note that our minerals are of natural origin, so sometimes stones may have minor “imperfections”. This may include traces of polishing, as these stones are individually cut and shaped by hand.

Normally, the price for minerals is per piece (or per set), unless the quantity is not indicated separately! The chosen stones are selected randomly. Sizes, colours, patterns and shapes may vary.

Be sure to check all our photos and make sure of the sizes before you buy.

When packing, we make sure the delivery is as environmentally friendly as possible. Products are sent wrapped in paper or bubble wrap, depending on their nature, and the box is filled with environmentally friendly, biodegradable foam. Depending on size, products are packed in recycled paper boxes or bubble-wrap bags from responsible sources.

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Keep in mind that this alternative medicine is by no means a substitute for traditional medicine and treatments. Our minerals will be a daily aid, but not a substitute for medical treatment!

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